Economic History & History of Capitalism

Economic History blends the study of economics with statistical analyses and historical research methods. Students can explore many topics related to regulation, banking, insurance, finance, business, entrepreneurship, and the economic issues of the past and present. This field often overlaps with some aspects of social history, including labor history. Our faculty cover a wide range of areas, and students can work with faculty members specialized in American, African American, Latin American, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern economics histories.


A220 Thornton Hall
Office Hours: Thurs. 12:30-2:00 (434) 924-4306 (434) 924-4306
Themes: Cultural and Social History, Economic History & History of Capitalism, Science, Medicine, & Technology
Associate Professor, Co-Director, UVA Early American Seminar at Monticello, Director, Mapscholar
431 Nau Hall
Office Hours: Tuesdays, 2:30-4:30 (General); Mondays, 2:30-4:30 (Digital Projects)
Themes: Digital Humanities, Economic History & History of Capitalism, Empire & Colonialism, Environmental History, History of Slavery, Spatial History, Frontiers, & Migration

Graduate Student

20th Century U.S., American Political Development, American Legal History, History of Capitalism
Themes: Economic History & History of Capitalism, Legal History, Political History